Ever wonder if an elevator could be built to the top of Mt. Everest? If your curious now, vote for "Everest Elevator."
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    Robert Wahler

    Robert Wahler asks:

    Sounds pricey. Where does the $$$ come from? Interesting idea. Kind of an 'Everest for all the people'.Mine will be a redo if the NGS Gospel of Judas debacle. They missed the entire message of self-sacrifice with their 'go-Jesus' panel. -Bob W.
    Michael J. Malloy
    The main purpose of the expedition is to learn something about the geology, building techniques, and the Tibetan people. It is not to actually build the project. I may find it’s physically feasible but not economically viable. You just don’t know until you explore the options. The cost will likely be in the hundreds of millions of dollars; however, if tourism were embraced by the Chinese and Tibetan Leaders, then it may become economically viable. If so, then funding may become available.
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