Sail across the Pacific Ocean to investigate the health of our blue planet and the people who are working to save it.
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Christopher Newley
Explorer Filmmaker Environmentalist

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Christopher Newley answers questions about his/her project:
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    Josh Garcia

    Josh Garcia asks:

    These are great shots! Really impressive man. Are they all yours?
    Christopher Newley
    Hey Josh! Thank you so much. Yes! All the shots that you see in this film were made by Jess and myself. We have been sailing our little floating home for 8 months now and have seen some amazing things and met some incredible people! If you want to learn more about our trip, our boat, or just want to see some more great photography, check out our website:
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    Brian McGinnis

    Brian McGinnis asks:

    How long do you anticipate this project to take?
    Christopher Newley
    We start filming at the end of this month as we say good bye to our family and friends and start sailing south towards the border of Guatemala and Mexico. In March we will begin our Pacific crossing and arrive in French Polynesia after 3 to 4 weeks at sea! We will film for 6 months in various locations throughout the island chain, releasing short films along the way to keep our supporters updated on our progress and findings. We will have the project completed by the end of 2015.
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    Saveria Tilden

    Saveria Tilden asks:

    Amazing and inspiring video! How do you plan to use the footage that you will be gathering to inspire and educate others?
    Christopher Newley
    Thanks Saveria! Our project will highlight the stories of people who have been threatened by sea change and decided to do something about it. We believe that by highlighting the work of these amazing people, we can inspire in others the drive to get out and make a difference in their own backyards. These stories will also give them some ideas about the tools, like education, citizen science and green business initiatives, that they can implement for positive change in their own projects.
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    Nigel Noriega

    Nigel Noriega asks:

    Wonderful video! I'm curious about what cameras/gear you find to be most practical/useful for your film making.. thanks for your efforts!
    Christopher Newley
    Hi Nigel! We have primarily been using a 5DIII, as well as a 7D and some GoPro's. When we have the time, we shoot in RAW. Since we live on a small sailboat, the DSLR form factor really helps us save on weight and space. Obviously, it also doubles as a stills cam. I think that if I were starting today I would go even smaller. Mirrorless systems like the GH4 and a7S are providing beautiful results from smaller and smaller platforms.
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