Let's better equip our next generation of youth in food empowerment by exploring how we teach youth around the world.
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Linda Rosenblatt
Nutritionist Educator

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Linda Rosenblatt answers questions about his/her project:
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    Maureen Mcguigan

    Maureen Mcguigan asks:

    Hi Linda! I'm interested in the relationship between food-based education & critical thinking (such important skills!~). Can you please elaborate a bit more on the relationship between the two? Thanks! & Wish you much success with your food efforts!
    Linda Rosenblatt
    Hi Maureen! With the young ones, say 3 years old, they are just starting to understand their fine motor skills, how to hold and cut and stir, it is amazing to see how fast they pick up on these skills at such a young age. If we're speaking about older kids, mathematical skills are heavily used in the class room as there is division, addition, subtraction and more used in every recipe!
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    Susan Laemmle

    Susan Laemmle asks:

    This sounds like a most worthwhile project, Linda. My question concerns poverty. Are you taking it into sufficient consideration? When children are constantly hungry, they are not in a good position to learn about nutrition, or are they?
    Linda Rosenblatt
    What a WONDERFUL question to ask. I do believe that teaching youth, basic skill sets and understanding of nutrition education can last a lifetime, regardless of wealth. If we only give food to a child, never teaching the fundamentals of where the food comes from and how it's prepared, we will only teach this child a lifetime of ignorance. If we give education to our youth, we will give a lifetime of knowledge and an abundance of resources to be utilized. Wealth should NEVER determine education.
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